Step-by-Step Diabetic Footcare Training Program


On Monday October 24, 2011 pairs of medical doctors and nurses will attend the first day of the Step-by-Step Diabetic Footcare Training.
This unique programme, with proven results in the Caribbean, is made possible by the financial support of various Rotary Clubs from the U.K., the USA and Dominica plus the Ministry of Health and the Diabetes Association.

The training in October is the first basic part of the program. Next year the participants will receive the advanced training.The programme will be facilitated by a team of international, regional and local professionals and is led by Dr. Vilma Urbančič, a diabetologist with extensive experience in delivering similar training and who is also an Associate Professor of medicine and head of the Diabetes Unit at the Department of Endocrinology, University Medical Centre Ljubljana in Slovenia.
Objective of the programme is to reduce the number of amputations by better foot care for diabetic patients.

On Monday October 24 a short opening ceremony will be held and persons related to and interested in diabetes in Dominica are kindly invited to the ceremony.
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