Goodbye Dominica from Dr. Vilam Urbancic

Dr. Vilma Urbancic, Lead Faculty Step-by-Step Project—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Vilma Urbancic
To: marvlyn
Sent: Tuesday, 1 November 2011, 17:59
Subject: Good-bye, Dominica, see you next year

Dear Marvlyn

I hope you have enjoyed some rest after all the work you have done for the Step by Step. I arrived home safely – it was a long trip and I had plenty of time to »organize« my thoughts.

I am speaking also on behalf of Simone, Neil and John: we are delighted with what you yourself and all the other people from the island have done. We were impressed by the attitude of the Ministry of health and by the strong determination of the minister to implement this project. It was a real pleasure to work with the participants who were really motivated, with the members of the Diabetes association and with your patients who agreed to participate in the practical sessions. We loved the friendly, cozy atmosphere of the evergreen hotel and the rainbow on the morning sky after heavy rain, we were touched by the warm welcome and the hospitality of the Rotarians, and last – but far from least, hiking to and seeing the biggest boiling lake in the world – the Boiling lake of Dominica – was for Neil and me something we shall remember for the rest of our life.

We would like to thank you all and we hope to see you again next year for the advanced course.

Warm regards


Vilma Urbančič, MD, PhD, Assoc prof of medicine
University Medical Centre
Dept of Endocrinology
Zaloška 7
SI-1000 Ljubljana