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Wear soft, closed shoes

Diabetic patients advised to wear soft, closed shoes

Soft, closed shoesDominica’s national epidemiologist Dr. Paul Ricketts advises diabetic patients to ensure that they wear proper foot gear which is soft, closed shoes at all times.

Patients have to take care of their feet to avoid some of the trauma that goes on and which could ultimately lead to amputations.

CLICK HERE and read the full article as published in Dominica Vibes on Feb 14, 2012.

Diabetic and Cancer Wellness Center

Mrs. Tina Alexander

Mrs. Tina Alexander. Photo credit:

The Dominica Cancer Society in collaboration with the Dominica Diabetic Association opened a Diabetic and Cancer Wellness Center on Thursday, February 16, 2012.

DaVibes, the Caribbean’s news portal, published a pre-information on Feb 14 in which Mrs. Tina Alexander, secretary of the Dominica Cancer Society gives information on the function and objectives of this wellness center.

Please CLICK HERE to read the article in Dominica Vibes

Diabetes Headlines Feb 6 – 10

Diabetes Headlines
February 6 –  February 10

Women with diabetes warned to take precautions when having a baby

The Guardian

GOP freshman slams Obama’s costly anti-obesity ad campaign
The Washington Times

Exercise as Housecleaning for the Body
New York Times

Obesity ad risks child stigma

93 million with diabetic retinopathy
Endocrinology Update

Growing diabetic population fuels a black market
Times Union

Ga. lawmaker wants schools trained in diabetes

CBS Atlanta

Larger Breast Size, Obesity and Diabetes Tied to Estrogen-Mimicking Pollutants
Huffington Post

Doodles of Norfolk school pupils are raising awareness for Diabetes
EDP 24

Exercise as Housecleaning for the Body

ExerciseThe New York Times published on Feb 1, 2012 on their Health page an interesting article from Gretchen Reynolds with the title Exercise as Housecleaning for the Body.

DOMDA president Marvlyn Birmingham would like to bring this article to your attention. So please click the link or the picture to see the full article.
Happy reading and get exercising!



World Diabetes Congress – Post Congress Newsletter

From 4 to 8 December 2011 the International Diabetes Federation IDF organized the World Diabetes Congress in Dubai.

2 Board members of the Dominica Diabetes Association were present and if you would like to hear all the details, then please contact DOMDA. For your general information you can find here the post congress newsletter that IDF has released recently.

Here are some of the topics you will find in this newsletter:

  • World Diabetes Congress 2011 Statistics in brief
  • CME certificates
  • Session Webcasts
  • World Diabetes Congress 2013 in Melbourne: Online call for topics
  • Raffle Draw Results
  • Photo Gallery of the World Diabetes Congress in Dubai


World Diabetes Congress - Post Congress Newsletter

Diabetes Headlines Jan 30 – Feb 3 2012

Diabetes Headlines

January 30 – February 3

Introduction to NCDs, The Health Tsunami of the 21st Century
The Global NCD Epidemic: Shifting the Definition of Women’s Health and Development
(by Ann Keeling)
Global Health  and Diplomacy

Childhood Obesity, Diabetes and the Wrong Perceptions
MeD India

Sugar should be regulated like alcohol, tobacco, commentary says
CBS News

A new technology for diabetes in Africa
Open PR

Fed up with diabetes, man kills children, commits suicide

HIV Is ‘Like Diabetes’? Let’s Stop Kidding Ourselves
Huffington Post

Ulcer-causing bug tied to higher diabetes risk


Students with Diabetes Likely to Earn Less: Study
International Business Times

Enzymes Show Early Heart Damage in Diabetes

Diabetes in Control

Childhood Obesity, Diabetes and the Wrong Perceptions

Literature suggests that parents often underestimate their child’s weight. It is necessary to formulate interventions that assess children’s and parents’ awareness of obesity and diabetes risk.

Childhood Obesity

The Dominica Diabetes Association would like to bring this subject to the attention of the public in Dominica.

Please click on the link below and read this interesting article from the MedIndia website.
Feel free to contact DOMDA to get more information on healthy and tasteful food for your children.