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Lots and lots of information on diabetes, prevention, nutrition etc etc is published on the Internet every day.
DOMDA, the Dominica Diabetes Association looks for you at many of the articles and here are a few that we hand-picked for you.
Really good reading.

WARNING: we want to present you the content of these articles. Be aware that on-line advertising is done on these websites.
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Medical Xpress presents you a study for women with gestational diabetes. It shows reduced risk of type 2 diabetes solely through dietary modification.

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This article in Food Consumer gives you information about how Vitamin K1 can be linked to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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And here is another one from Medical Xpress. This Study links diabetic foot ulcers to higher risk of death, heart attack and stroke.

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Wear soft, closed shoes

Diabetic patients advised to wear soft, closed shoes

Soft, closed shoesDominica’s national epidemiologist Dr. Paul Ricketts advises diabetic patients to ensure that they wear proper foot gear which is soft, closed shoes at all times.

Patients have to take care of their feet to avoid some of the trauma that goes on and which could ultimately lead to amputations.

CLICK HERE and read the full article as published in Dominica Vibes on Feb 14, 2012.

Exercise as Housecleaning for the Body

ExerciseThe New York Times published on Feb 1, 2012 on their Health page an interesting article from Gretchen Reynolds with the title Exercise as Housecleaning for the Body.

DOMDA president Marvlyn Birmingham would like to bring this article to your attention. So please click the link or the picture to see the full article.
Happy reading and get exercising!



Childhood Obesity, Diabetes and the Wrong Perceptions

Literature suggests that parents often underestimate their child’s weight. It is necessary to formulate interventions that assess children’s and parents’ awareness of obesity and diabetes risk.

Childhood Obesity

The Dominica Diabetes Association would like to bring this subject to the attention of the public in Dominica.

Please click on the link below and read this interesting article from the MedIndia website.
Feel free to contact DOMDA to get more information on healthy and tasteful food for your children.




A Sad Record for Dominica

Dominica has the highest obesity prevalence in EC – ReportsObesity

Dominica has the highest obesity prevalence in the Eastern Caribbean reports from the World Bank are showing.
More details in this article from Dominica News Online: OBESITY

Reality Check: Things might not be as sad as this article indicates.
A report which provides an analysis of the results of a survey conducted in several Caribbean Islands including Dominica, does not support the “highest Obesity prevelance” ascribed to Dominica
To view the report Google “Samuels TA, Fraser H.  Caribbean Wellness Day. Rev Panam Salud Publica 2010: 28(6):472-9”  See table 2 page 474.

The “highest obesity” claim is also refuted in an earlier news release quoting the National Epidemiologist (click on Read More for details)

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Eating right with diabetes

Diabetic DietA Diabetic Diet

This is a meal plan which aims to help persons with diabetes maintain a desirable weight.

A desirable weight helps to keep the blood sugar levels within normal limits.

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Diabetic Diet

Diabetic DietWhat is a diabetic diet?

Can the whole family follow a diabetic diet?

These and more questions are answered in this short, informative article: CLICK HERE

eating right for all the famliy

How is diabetes managed?

scaleDiabetes Mellitus…

What is it…..?

What are the types of diabetes?

How is it managed?

What are the risk factors?

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