Office space for DOMDA

Dominica Diabets Association DOMDADominica Cancer SocietyDear All,

I am pleased to inform that Government has approved a subvention which will meet the cost of rent and utilities for office space for both
the Dominica Cancer Society and
the Dominica Diabetes Association
Both organizations will be sharing the same building. More information soon.

Thanks for the support as we work to reduce the incidence of the NCD’s.


Second ISPAD Caribbean Workshop


ISPAD LogoThe second ISPAD  workshop to be conducted in the Caribbean will be held in St Lucia, October 1-2, 2011 at the Bay Gardens Hotel.
The theme is” Managing Children with Diabetes from Theory to Practice”. The programme is in the draft stage  and will be soon be circulated.
I am sure the persons who participated in last years workshop  are eagerly anticipating this second workshop. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Shelly McFarlane
Project Manager
North American and the Caribbean Region
International Diabetes Federation
Tel: 876 8980673

Wacky Walk for Dominica Diabetes

The Hereford Wye Valley Rotary club organizes a fund raiser for Dominica

Battling the world’s biggest killer – DIABETES

The Rotary club of Hereford Wye Valley in the UK wants to help Dominica fund the SbS (Step by Step) diabetic footcare project. So, as one of their many efforts to raise funds they are organizing this weekend their Wacky Walk.

Lower limb amputations due to diabetes contribute to a high mortality rate. The Hereford project, working in conjunction with the International Diabetes Federation and Rotary clubs in Ohio, USA and Dominica, aims to train nurses and surgeons in the techniques required to halt these deaths and secure the future of children in the affected communities through preventative action.

Find out more about this great initiative by clicking on the images below so you can see the full size poster and the entry form.
Donations without participating in the walk are always welcome. Just contact the Rotary club of Hereford or visit their web page at

Hereford Wye Valley Wacky Walk 2011 Poster

Hereford Wye Valley Wacky Walk 2011 Entry Form

Walk the course to stop diabetic foot ampiutations

Workshops on diabetic foot care underway

Diabetic UlcerDominica News Online DNO reports today again about workshops focused on the management of diabetic foot in Dominica.
The Dominica Diabetes Association DOMDA is very much aware of the fact that diabetic foot problems are a significant clinical and public health issue in Dominica and the rest of the Caribbean. Please see also other articles on this website about the SbS Foot Care Programme.

To read the full article of DNO of June 10, 2011 PLEASE CLICK HERE



ISPAD 2011

ISPAD 37th Annual Meeting in Miami

The 37th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes with the theme “Possibilities for Prevention of Diabetes and its Complications” will feature a variety of topics from the latest diabetes research as well as symposia, plenary sessions, poster presentations and workshops addressing the cutting edge science of pediatric diabetes care.


Diabetic Foot Workshop of MoH

Diabetic Foot Workshop by Ministry of HealthMoH tackles increasing rates of amputations, hospitalisation due to diabetes and high blood pressure

In response to increasing rates of amputations and hospitalizations related to chronic, non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, the Ministry of Health held a workshop today, the first in a series aimed at arresting the problem.

National Coordinator for Health Promotion, Helen Royer, said that today’s workshop was intended to give care-giving organizations, manicurist and pedicurists knowledge of how to properly deal with persons who may have diabetic foot problems.

She said, “We are expecting that from this workshop, from the information that has been given, these persons will be able to return to their agencies or their communities and be able to translate the information and put it into practical use.”

She continued, “We know that the complications of diabetes can be very detrimental, not just to the individual, but to their families and it has economic implications for the government, related to hospitalizations and medication.”

The text of this article was copied from Dominica News Online DNO – June 6th 2011. For the original see THIS LINK

Caribbean Nutrition Day

Dominica’s Health Minister and Caribbean Nutrition Day

Fellow Dominicans, Caribbean Nutrition day is observed every year on June 1, as part of the programme of the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute.

Please read the following article from Dominica News Online DNO: CLICK HERE

Caribbean Nutrition Day 2011