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Eating right with diabetes

Diabetic DietA Diabetic Diet

This is a meal plan which aims to help persons with diabetes maintain a desirable weight.

A desirable weight helps to keep the blood sugar levels within normal limits.

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Diabetic Diet

Diabetic DietWhat is a diabetic diet?

Can the whole family follow a diabetic diet?

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eating right for all the famliy

How is diabetes managed?

scaleDiabetes Mellitus…

What is it…..?

What are the types of diabetes?

How is it managed?

What are the risk factors?

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Diabetes, Facts & Figures

Diabetes is a leading cause of premature deaths in the region.  This is partly related to the high prevalence rates of the disorder among middle-aged and older adults in the community and generally to the unsatisfactory control of diabetes in the Caribbean countries.

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The Key to Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

diabetesIt is estimated that approximately 57 million people have prediabetes. To me, one million sounds like a lot, I can’t even begin to fathom a number as big as 57 million. This enormously, huge number is twice the number of people that already have diabetes, estimated to be 26 million.

A little over one-quarter of these people, approximately seven million don’t even know that they already have the disease. In fact, it is estimated that one out of every two people that are newly diagnosed with diabetes already have at least one diabetes related complication at the time of their diagnosis. These complications do not occur overnight, which means the diabetes did not just recently develop.

The real tragedy, is that in most diabetes complications are not reversible. Can you imagine, “Well your lab results came back and it looks like you have type 2 diabetes. And that numbness and sporadic burning you have been experiencing in your feet is what we call neuropathy. It is caused from having diabetes. You are going to have it from now on because it doesn’t go away once you get it?” Think of the frustration; imagine the anger.